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Godfather Rank Clarification

May 05, 2016 - 12:21 AM - by Pixelised
This update is to clarify the Godfather rank, what it is, and what it does, and the requirements to get one.

Spoiler for Godfather Powers
Godfather Powers:
On Forums:
All Forum Posts Visible
All Forum Sections Visible
Inability to Edit/Remove
Inability to Infract

Staffzone Command
Full Yell Access
No Moderation Commands

Requirements for the Godfather Rank:
- Has once been part of the CorruptionX Staff team as an Administrator or higher rank
- Has been with CorruptionX for over 5 years
- Has remained loyal to CorruptionX and never turned their back against our server

Reasoning for the Godfather Rank:
- Shows that loyalty and longevity are values that CorruptionX hold true to
- Shows that they will never be forgotten for what they have done for CorruptionX
- Allows them access to information that might not be available to the general public as a token of trust and thanks

Alphascape has chosen to remain as Global Administrator, and has pledged to meet the quota that has been set out by CorruptionX management, and should he not fill that Quota he will be retired and be given the Godfather Rank.
Coke has failed to respond after two days of notice so he will be given the Godfather Rank effective immediately.
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Poll for Polls Update (Possibly)

May 04, 2016 - 12:51 AM - by Ags xxx
Alright, I can't bare seeing the community bash again although it's just going to quite possibly happen anyways. From the mature standpoint and the reasonable standpoint here's some polls that I don't even have to ask to make optional.
Vote above and within the thread link here.
I suppose I will go ahead forward and take action just to get an idea of how the community sees this should be done because at this point Hugo wants us to move forward, and half of the others keep us stepping back and it's not getting anywhere, so from the professional standpoint here's polls I don't even need permission to post for you guys as people shouldn't have a problem with it from what I'm seeing, because it will surely give us the right mind for stepping forward.

I would like to also state, giving Hugo negative feedback on how he views the server is anything but what you want in CorruptionX possibly even moving forward. In the background me and him are planning such outcomes currently so give him respect, it was the failed and inactive management of another members efforts to put in that was out of Hugos reach to even consider giving him the fault and blame for what happened for broken promises. I've known Hugo for 5-6 years(?) more than probably most would understand. All he wants is a professional relationship for the community and has a friendly based attitude for everyone.

Anyway, get to voting up on the community polls posted within this thread with the link above or here: link
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Management Update

May 03, 2016 - 6:47 PM - by Pixelised
Hi all

CorruptionX is under new management. This means new changes, new ideas, and a fresh start. We will start off today by showing that we mean what we say, and we said we wanted transparency, and below is our to-do list before the 562 is release for beta testing.
The time frame to get the 562 up and running and working with constant updates and new content is 2 months starting from now - the end of June.

CorruptionX pre-562 release to do list:

- Hire assistant developer to assist Matt to ensure the open beta will be released 1 week from the hiring of the assistant developer
- Discuss plans for Beta (Open Beta/Closed Beta)
- Fix bugs during and after beta period (1 week beta period)
- Figure out the financials of CorruptionX and figure out a breakeven point

As for what happened to Isaac, he has been too inactive too long and couldn't meet the deadlines.

Updates will be coming regarding to the list and changes.
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Forum Account Recoveries

Apr 27, 2016 - 6:02 PM - by Ags xxx
Some people have requested account recoveries but don't seem to receive an email to their registered address that they request a password form on.
TEMPORARILY you could private message Matt or Pixelised with the account name, and email address used on the forum account.
Foolproof so you cannot hack another persons account explained below:
With ACP access I can view the forum accounts emails, and so whatever email you send me, I will see if it matches the one used on the account. If all is right, I send back a private message to the account on the forums you requested a password recovery on, to the email I see used that created the forum account you are trying to recover. Thus meaning, regardless unless you have access to the email it goes directly to the email account with a new generated password I send with the email address of "[email protected]" - The email address is linked to my former domain I still have like 8 months left that I can send the new generated passwords on.

Form to send in private message for an account recovery:
HTML Code:
Email address used on account trying to recover:
Recent IP you used (optional but helps for verification purposes in case an issue with emails):
Please send the PM (Private message) to request a password recovery to:

If email address matches, only then will I pm you back as to the email address I sent the newly generated password to. This is temporarily as other Admins+ seems to be busy or cannot recover atm due to only certain people with ACP+ access.

PS: Dev1 > Dev1 (wont be needing this account anymore.)
ags xxx > Matt
Rangedd > Luvi
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