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Updates [Sept 19 & 20] Combat Rework & General Fixes

Sep 21, 2014 - 7:17 AM - by Cjay0091
The past two days I have been reworking combat to be more aesthetically and functionally correct.

List of the changes:
  • Weapon Types have been added for each item
  • Poison weapons all work
  • All range weapons now have proper projectiles and gfx
  • Projectiles should match the attack animation (Ex: When you throw darts it looks like the player is actually throwing it)
  • Bolt effects now match projectile timing
  • All ranged weapons have had all their valid ammunitions added
  • Attack range has been updated for magic, melee, and range
  • Attack styles now contribute to your attack range (long-style attacking)
  • Corrected many incorrect attacking animations
  • Updated ava's accumulator and other ammo saving capes/backpacks
  • 75% of arrows are saved, the other 25% are completely discarded
  • Ammunition dropping now matches projectile time
  • Blood barrage no longer poisons
  • Npc's will no longer walk as often, but they will walk longer distances than before
  • You can no longer lure and non-boss npcs, they will walk to their respawn points after a certain ratio
  • Shops now restore 5% of their total stock every twenty seconds, as opposed to restoring one item per stock every thirty seconds

**Note: Projectile time is the time it takes for the projectile to reach the player.

List of new attack ranges:
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Updates [Sept. 18, 2014]

Sep 19, 2014 - 2:26 PM - by Cjay0091

  • Mogre's have been added to slayer tasks
  • You can kill mogre's if you have ogre tasks as well
  • Dungeoneering exp can be purchased now at a rate of 1:1
  • Fixed up all degradable items that aren't supposed to be untradeable
  • This also resulted in ::gear no longer displaying broken gear
  • Dungeoneering Tokens can now be used to repair Barrows and Nex items at Daemonheim! The price for a full nex repair is 125k tokens and barrows is 35k tokens.
  • Prices for repairs are universal now (It's no longer 20m GP to repair at BoB, instead of it's 10m just like Daemonheim).

As always, enjoy.
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Account Recoveries

Sep 18, 2014 - 4:49 AM - by 42
Hey everyone!

I just wanted to quickly review account recoveries with some emphasis on hacking. First off, if you lose access to your account, you're able to recover it VIA your e-mail. Have some type of insurance is the reason why the "annoying" restrictions were implemented for when unfortunate situations such as the aforementioned happen to come up. We couldn't have made it seem more important, so if you didn't register your e-mail to begin with, it's not the best idea to come and argue with staff. That being said, it's understood that there's a range of different possibilities that can occur so as long as you're assertive about it, feel free to speak with myself or anyone. Currently, admins do not possess any power or ability to recover accounts using a command, but a permanent fix should hopefully be available in the future. A guide on registering your e-mail can be found here. Moving on to hacking. The more common hacks would be service hacks such as the fight caves/kiln. I highly advise you to use a staff to middle-man (holds cash while service is being done to reduce scam) while using services anyways. Other than that, these things are AT YOUR OWN RISK. This means, if you do get hacked, you will not be refunded. Instead, the hacker will most likely be permanently IP-banned and that will be the end of the case. These can be resolved through logs, but in addition to that, you have to understand that logs aren't always readily available.

If there's anything I missed out that should be addressed, or if you have any questions regarding account recoveries or hacks, please send me a visitor or private message.

~On behalf of the CXMX staff team,
Thank you.
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[REPLY] Community Decision Making

Sep 12, 2014 - 11:12 AM - by Isaac
So, I was beginning to re-write some rules, and finish up the events list when I realized that I wasted a shitton of time.
Here's something that will not change from what i've gotten;

Any rule that has enough support to be changed will be changed (with some leeway);
There will be at minimum 4 scheduled events with rewards weekly;
There will be at least 1 pking event weekly;
If an event is missed (event leader is not there to run event), the next event will be extended and rewards will be multiplied by 2.5x;
Events will hold both untradeable and money rewards, to make both sides happy there.

What we need though, is what events do you want to see, what rules you want changed, and even what you want to see in the future.
I greatly appreciate any posts on this thread regarding these things, and feel free to thank those who give good ideas, show some support and let's get these events and rules out and ready to go in no time.
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