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  1. I hope you guys do understand the extreme amount of extra work, time (time is money) and overall costs it would take for Jaqex to bring legal actions against a server. Why do you think big servers without mentioning any names could stay up for so many years in the past? The answer is simple: The expenses are too damn high and the benefits for Jaqex are slim to none to make it worth it for them.

    Actually, because it'd cost Jagex more than it would make them for the smaller servers. That's why they went after SS, NRPK, and a couple others. They can't do so because we all host our servers in countries with no copyright laws, and that's what Jagex goes after. People who have their servers's in areas that they have the proper copyrights. They send DMCA's out in an attempt to get websites and server's shut down, but half the time it doesn't work because we just move to a different country's hosting.
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