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  1. I feel you, don't worry. ;p
  2. Thank you. Sorry, I get a little miffed when stuff like this happens lmao.
  3. Oh right. Forgot about the moderation rights on that section. In that case, forget what I said and feel free to moderate those sections the way you want to.
  4. Check forum leaders.
  5. How'd it get restored? o.O
  6. Happy?

  7. Oh, I didn't see that. Bumping is fine I guess as long as you mention that it's a bump. I added a rule yesterday that used to be on the previous forums, hence the post removal. Force of habit to act I guess.
  8. Becca did the exact same thing in her thread, yet her post remains? HMMM
  9. I am well within my rights to reply to a comment made on my thread. I wanted to bump it, and there was no double post. Why are you nazi modding this...

  10. Pls. :c
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