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Thread: NPC stores and economy suggestion.

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    NPC stores and economy suggestion.

    On the next source I would like to see a bit more of a challenge when it comes to basic items.
    I think most of us agree that skilling items should not be in a store like they are now, but I'd like to take that a step further.

    First of all let me explain what I mean, before getting into the actual suggestions.
    Currently we have an economy based only around rares, on the 718 it was based around skilling supplies and rares.
    (When I say rares I mean any kind of rare drop, for example whips to name a fairly common one.)
    What I would like to see is an economy based around everything, just like real Runescape has. granted this is a private server and thus it should be easier to achieve certain items but that can easily be done by just making drops more common and skilling faster/simplified, ontop of having a higher xp rate of course.

    -A lot of people would like to see a buy X option in stores, but not having this would make it an effort to buy runes, and thus creating an economy around them.
    -To counter people from just botting buying runes on an alt or while afk or something you can increase the amount dropped and make rune essence easily obtained from pvm as well. Ontop of this buff runecrafting hardcore so it actually becomes a skill worth doing like it is on real rs, though be it to craft runes such as waters or death/blood to supply for pking.

    Beginner gear.
    -Talking about rune/black d'hide, rune/dragon boots, glory, Magic shortbow.
    -Basically the same thing as with runes tbh no reason to make up another novel, remove them from the stores, but make it easily obtainable through pvm and skilling.
    -The goal to balance this should be to have leveling still be easy since you can buy most of the gear in stores, but still keep some worth for pking and make an actual use for higher tier skilling, for example crafting black d'hide armor, rune armor, fletching bows, making amulets and all that good stuff.
    -Some items that I think should definitely be in the stores;
    Red D'hide, strength amulet, climbing boots, helm of neitiznot, proselyte, elemental staves, weapons up to dragon and any item of a lower tier than the ones I just mentioned.

    -First off personally I'm a big fan of farming, but also of easily accesible potions so I'm a little conflicted when it comes to making potions harder to obtain :P.
    -A common way to make herblore easier is to remove the secondary ingredient and just make potions by combining a herb with a vial of water, this small change takes away a large part of what makes herblore annoying to train in my opinion, the part where you're creating potions that do not give xp just to add that last ingredient later on.
    -The 718 had doubled herbs from farming along with 30 minutes for herbs to grow, would love to see that again.
    -Also adding the all of the Tool leprechauns to the game would make farming a lot more enjoyable, I'll probably get some scepticism for liking and caring about farming lol.
    -Herblore and farming could either be made useful by adding extended potions such as super combat, overloads, or extreme potions or by removing super sets and prayer potions from the shops.
    Either would work and I'm not really sure which one would be better.

    Cash overflow.
    A big issue with private servers is that cash is too easy to get, and over time this creates large amounts of cash and we'll have to come up with ways to get rid of the huge amounts of cash in the game, I propose we just don't let it get to this stage.
    -The only ways of getting cash should be alching, coin drops and selling items to NPC stores.
    -Change thieving from how it currently is, make it a way to get seeds or other resources, the skill should still be worth training but it shouldn't be giving you straight up large amounts of coins.
    -We have to make sure that NPC stores aren't over priced though, if we go with all of these things the items in the NPC stores should be incredibly cheap.
    -Have a low amount of starter cash, it's not good to have every new account bring 500k to 5m into the server, I'd say just enough to buy all of the basic supplies a new player could use.

    Fishing and cooking.
    So far we've covered every skill except fishing and cooking so this is where I'll end it.
    -The way to make fishing and cooking useful is just remove sharks and above from the shops.
    -I'd suggest putting monkfish as the main food source for beginning players.
    -Fishing would mostly consist out of anglers (assuming we're keeping those) so there should be some adjustments to raw shark drops so there's actually enough to supply pking and the rich players who think they're too good for monkfish .
    -As well as adding a way of obtaining karambwan, preferably straight up cooking if it's done outside of fishing/cooking, for the pkers of course .

    -Won't be as appealing to the average player who didn't get past 70 combat on original rs.
    -Would be best off with a reset on banks and skills to make this work from the start, but then again this is the best time to do so.
    -It might make ironman easier because of the buffs to skilling, though this might also make it more enjoyable, considering you won't spent as much time on skilling but you'll still be making everything yourself (will put it as a both pro and con).
    -This will in no way work with a player base of 5 players.
    -Would make pvp, pvm and skilling a lot more interesting, which are in my opinion the 3 most important aspects of this game.
    -Should make ironman more enjoyable since the server would be build around that playstyle, rather than have it put in a completely different environment.
    -It might make ironman easier because of the buffs to skilling, though this might also make it more enjoyable, considering you won't spent as much time on skilling but you'll still be making everything yourself (will put it as a both pro and con).

    Let me know what you think, I assume a lot of people won't like the idea of a harder server but I might be wrong, looking forward to feedback.
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    I like this idea. The more DIY the game gets, the more challenging and rewarding it'll feel for me. So I support this.
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    Should help lead us in a proper direction in terms of how we want to structure the game. More feedback and opinions from different people are always welcome, and encouraged. Appreciate the post.

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