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    CorruptionX Rules

    - Inappropriate Behaviour (Harassment/Flaming): Harassing players and/or flaming them is not allowed and will result in a temporary account mute. Continuing to break this rule will lead to an IP-Mute.
    - Advertising: Advertising RSPS' and/or fishy websites will result in a permanent IP-Mute.
    - Spamming: Filling up the chatbox with nonsense will result in a temporary account mute. Continuing to break this rule will result in a permanent mute.
    - Hacking/Threats: Threatening someone to hack their account will result in a permanent mute. If evidence is brought forth that a hack has occurred, the accused will be permanently IP-Banned.
    - Avoiding Punishment: Creating secondary accounts to avoid your punishments will result in an IP-Mute/Ban depending on which rules you previously broke.
    - 3rd Party Software: If you macro (bot, auto-click, etc,.) your account will be immediately banned. It's common sense to not use 3rd Party Software).
    - RWT/Trading Between Other Games: Selling items on CorruptionX for money or trading items/currency between other games is not allowed. Due to the nature of this offence, you will be immediately IP-Banned.
    - Encouraging Negative Behaviour: Encouraging other players to break the rules, be a nuisance, ect., will result in an account mute.
    - Bug Abuse: Wrongly and knowingly abusing any type of bug on the game will lead to an account ban. Bugs are to be reported so they can be fixed.
    - Scamming: Scamming people for items or money will result in an account ban. Further instances of this will lead to an IP-Ban
    - Account Sharing: Sharing your account with multiple people is not allowed and will result in said account being banned. This is to avoid any unnecessary staff involvements for foreseeable problems.
    - PVP (Farming, Luring, Excessive Ragging-proof): Farming for PVP points is not allowed and will result in a permanent ban. Luring people will result in a temporary IP mute. Excessive ragging will result in a temporary ban. Continuing to break these rules will result in a longer and/or permanent punishment. If you are being harassed in-game, be sure to report it with proof.
    - Impersonation/Staff Hunting: Impersonating staff is not permitted and will lead to an instant IP-Mute.
    - Multi-logging: Players can multi-log with a maximum of two (2) accounts at once and no amount higher. The accounts must not benefit each other (For example: Killing the Corporeal Beast on two accounts, is not allowed). One warning is allowed, continual abuse of this will result in an IP-Ban.

    - Inappropriate Posts: Any discriminatory content is looked down upon and will be removed. This includes targeting someone's lifestyle, religion, ect., Common sense applies.
    - Advertisement: Commonly RSPS related sites (such as Rune-Server, Runelocus, ect,.) that come up in conversation are excluded from this rule. Redirecting to another private server, whether intentional or not, is against the rules.
    - Inappropriate Content: As a rule of thumb, common sense applies here. Content ranging from pornography to staff impersonation to illegal activity ect., is deemed inappropriate. It will be removed completely along with the poster.
    - Backseat Moderation: This is considered spam by posting moderation instructions in a thread where a rule is broken. The report system exists for a reason, use it.
    - Double Posting: Posting twice in a row in a single thread (excluding your own threads, once every 24 hours) is considered as spam and will be removed. Be sure to take advantage of the multi-quote and edit features.
    - Trolling: General trolling is also unacceptable and will be dealt at the discretion of any specific staff member regardless of how discrete the troll. Don't bother pushing the line.
    - Incorrect Sections: The website contains many forums and sub-forums, take a couple of seconds to consider the section when posting a new thread. Posting in an incorrect section will be considered as spam and dealt with accordingly.
    - Hijacking threads: Hijacking someone else's thread (buying or selling items for example - using their thread to pedal your exchanges) is unacceptable. Simply create your own thread or put in an offer in response to someone else's thread.
    - Grave Digging: Grave Digging is defined by posting on a thread that is over 7 days inactive in hopes to increase one's post count and is unacceptable and a waste of time for staff to deal with.
    - Misleading Links: Posting misleading links of any type will result in an immediate removal from the community.
    - Hacking: Hacking another player is completely unacceptable in every situation. Players are encouraged to create accounts with strong levels of privacy but any breaches of another players' account will result in a complete removal from the community.
    - Threats: Threatening another player will also result in an instant and complete removal from the forums. This includes threatening to endanger someone's physical well-being, community standing or reputation, personal security, ect.
    - Evading: Creating multiple accounts after being punished, while that punishment is still effective will result in a doubled length of punishment and will be applied to all accounts involved. If you're punished simply wait it out.
    - RWT: Real World Trading is undoubtedly considered against the rules in every case. This includes giving away accounts, even for free. RWT issues tend to quickly spiral out of control and are not worth dealing with.
    - Karma System Abuse: the Thanks and Reputation system has been an issue in the past, this lead to the reputation system being removed completely. Abusing these systems will result in them being removed from your account and you will also receive an infraction for doing so or being involved.
    - Community Invasion: Invading another community for the intent and purpose of spamming them, advertising a different server will result in not only a ban from their website but also a ban from ours'. Leave other communities in peace, even in terms of retaliation.

    Disclaimer: Staff are entitled to handle situations as they see fit, even if a specific rule isn't listed. Players are advised to use their common sense to avoid punishment.

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